Who is Snips of Yarn?!

Crafter and Constant-Inspirer!

It all began with bits of yarn and some sticks.

A twist and twirl maketh such wonderful patterns that can be shared with one and all.

I have always loved creating art from the simplest of tools. A crochet hook or pair of knitting needles in my hand will reach out to grab some yarn and make something from it.

First came knitting - Thank you, Mum, and Grandma! Thank you for starting the obsession. Early on (as a teen), I struggled with cast-on and my cast-off were nightmarishly tight. The first scarf automatically had holes, dropped stitches, and somehow managed to increase and decrease stitches magically!! Patience from my grandmother and persistent practice from me allowed me to learn, grow, and gain mastery in creating fabulous knits for myself and others.

Crochet skills emerged much (almost a decade) later. For the longest time the chains were inconsistent and for the life of me I could not figure out the stitches. For someone who wielded two sticks (knitting needles) with masterful ease, this one hand hooky (crochet hook) thing didn't make sense. This is the pre-Google, pre-YouTube era, when I had to rely on books from the library with not-so-great pictures. Often, I questioned, - "what loop? pull from where again?" and "you have got to be joking!". After countless knots, and throwaways, my hands found an equal mastery with complex crochet stitches.

Now, I am equally devoted to both knitting and crochet.

My love for arts and crafts has not
tied me down to just knitting and crocheting. I love the idea of focused, and peaceful, creation in almost all media. I enjoy immersive work in diamond painting, cross-stitch embroidery, embroidery (especially satin stitches, long stitch, chains and more), stained glass, faux stained glass with acrylic paints, paper crafts (quilling, crepe-paper flowers), and so much more.

On an almost daily basis you will find me huddled over a craft book, or designing something new.

Take a gander at the
Gallery and also browse in Commission, where a few of my completed projects in arts are published. I continue to expand my practice and pursuit of craft mastery.

Crafting has created a
Zen Space for me, and feeding the creativity has filled me with the deepest contentment and happiness. It's the journey and process to creating something beautiful and tangible that I can then point to and say - "I made that!". Moreover, it is "I made that for me (or you)." I didn't have to, I didn't need to, but I wanted to! It is taking what I imagine, desire, and bringing it to life.

Interestingly, this practice has percolated into all aspects of life. It has made me more confident that I can take a concept, work on it to completion, and enjoy the journey. It has made me a better human - patience, perseverance, and positivity against all obstacles.

I want this for you! My life has become simpler and yet more fulfilling, because I am engaged in that which brings joy to my soul.

What completes your soul? What makes it sing? What makes you go - Wow! I did that?

Kirti C.
Your. Success. Fuels. My. Day!

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