Virtual Crafters Circle

Virtual Crafter Circle (VCC)

Got crafting fingers, hearts, and souls?

Bring your knits, crochets, embroidery, macramé, quilling, paper-crafts, wood-crafts, seasonal- ornament decorating, scrapbooking... and more.

Be inspired with new crafts!

Do share your craft stories!

Have dedicated time to complete your craft! 

Fully facilitated (me!), equal air-time, no-gossip, no-politics, only dedicated, beautiful crafting time. Ok! we might talk about shows (movies, tv programs) that we watch when we are alone and working our crafts or the weather!

Additionally, We organize for specialized presentations from awesome crafters 

Crafting Circle!
We are no longer offering virtual crafters circle.
However, do take a look at what this circle was all about.  

Meanwhile.... Keep connected and crafting with our exclusives!

"Virtual crafting circle has been a valuable opportunity for me to learn, a chance to see the beautiful crafts .......Everyone shares projects, skills, and interests, everyone is encouraging, and everyone has something to teach. Kirti is a great convener, with a daunting amount of skill, and has arranged to have some truly inspiring “guest” presenters (those bunnies …)."  -Kathryn D

"As always, the sessions were fun and informative and it was exciting exploring other crafts with you guys like embroidery!" - Lilana D

What are people saying!?

Members Only: Specialized Presentations from awesome crafters!

We love to explore yarn and yarn crafts that others are engaged in
In the past we have featured the following:
(a) Weaving with Kathryn D. She is a heddle-loom weaver. She educated us on wefts and warps and how to work with looms to create magical designed fabrics.
(b) Jessica from Jessica Rabbits spent the entire 90-mins of her time with us. Bunny-town, bunnies, working with molted-fur - no harm to the residents of bunny-town, spinning, and creating the softest bunny-fur yarn.

If you are a avid crafter and would like to present - reach out and let me know. We are always looking to spotlight crafters and their amazing craft work.

Kathryn Weaves

Apr-Jun 2021 (12 week series):  VCC Members *
As we wrapped up the Spring Series, engaged each other as the weather got better to delve deeper into  their arts. A few showcased here. 

Kathryn's White + Turquoise Weaving pattern, made with 100% bamboo yarn

Kathryn's weaving Eri Silk Shawl, in three colors of handspun Eri Silk (made in Northeast India)

Kathryn's weaving out in full force with experimenting with acrylic yarns to make a throw rug

Misha's Rainbow Ruana!
Pride colors and an original design

Misha's Purse

Kirti's The "Dove"

Kirti's Original Design - The "Ashley"

Jan-Mar 2021 (12 week series):  VCC Members *
As we wrapped up the Winter Series, our members dove in and accomplished so many creative projects. A few showcased here. 

Kathryn's Linen-Cotton loose semi transparent light door curtain. Just in time for the spring to summer sunshine to filter in.

Lilana's bright fun crochet! Recognize this character?

Misha's Crochet fluffy pillow! From soup to nuts designed, measured, crocheted and a fabulous fit super fluffy pillow

Kirti's (tester role) took wings and strawberry cheese cake. (Design/Pattern: Lilana; Tester: Kirti with added berries, leaves and syrup)

Misha's Crochets! An adult (left) and child (right) pocket scarves! Super warm and utilitarian.

Kirti's long-stitch parakeets take flight! 

Nov-Dec  2020 (7 week series):  VCC Members *
As we wrapped up the Winter Series, our members dove in and accomplished so many creative projects. A few showcased here. 

Misha's Baby Blanket

Kathryn's woven kitchen towels

Lilana's Crochet bread pattern improvements

Michelle's cross-stitch progress

Nov-Dec 2020 (7 week series):  VCC Members
* made progress in crochet blanket, completed a knitted scarf, completed a commissioned knitted shawl, started new bed throw, re-worked specialized crocheted food items

* learned in depth - blocking knits/crochets, tips and tricks on cross-stitch embroidery for best effects, use of threads, starting and closing threads without knots, gauge and swatches, reading labels, cable knits and how to  measure, and so much more.

* showcased and celebrated stunning works of art!  From crocheted food platters that made us hungry,  to shawls, and blankets, and cross-stitch work that looks like a photograph!

Note: Crafts  completed by me will also be posted in Gallery.

Oh! Also learned about "Britannia" TV series, and commiserated about snow-storms and winter! Talked about Gnomes, Grinch, and Pink Flamingoes! - In short had a few laughs!

"Kirti is amazing! I had never even picked up a ball of yarn before I met her, and after a few short weeks, she taught me both knitting and crocheting. She is extremely can just show her a picture and she can understand the pattern, and she can help you fix mistakes! (Which I needed ...ahem...a few times, to say the least.) I have now made hats, scarves, purses, and blankets. And it is so much fun to get together every week and work on projects with awesome people. Thanks Kirti!!” -Misha S. 

“The Virtual Crafters Circle was a fun and entertaining way to brush up on my knit and crochet skills and have excellent company while crafting! Kirti is knowledgable and easy to talk to, and the other ladies participating were a great group to get to know!” - Lilana D.