The "Sun-Kissed Leaves"

The Sun-Kissed Leaves

The August of 2021, I found myself celebrating the completion of The "Blue Dahlia", and awaiting client approval for next knitting lace adventure. While I wait, a small and sweet project experimentation is just what the yarn-doctor orders. I dove into my collection of patterns with Knitpicks Chroma yarn called - Go Go Boots! What a wonderful name!

Searched for a project that should be easy, crochet, and needs about 800 yards. I found beautiful lacy leaves! No idea where the pattern is, or what it is called, or who designed it. A finished shawl is the inspiration! Going to reverse-engineer pattern from the finished shawl to create the pattern - row by row. I will post the inspiration image, and my completed project once the project is done.

All done! Basking in the Sunlight

Day 1:

  • Yarn: Chroma (Fingering weight) GoGo Boots (396 yards / 100 gms)
    70% Superwash wool, 30% Nylon.

  • After working with silk and mohair, this yarn feels rougher and weightier than before. After knitting back to back projects, picking up crochet felt weird (for just about 2 seconds).

  • Great start with 3.25 mm hook , semi-circular start with 17 TR. Three rows in..... gah! terrible!.... frogged down.

  • Started again, semi-circular start with 19 TR. Nice! Progress past to row 8! Looking good.... oh! jeepers, made two mistakes two rows down.... frog time! This time to row 6 and not all the way back

  • Row 6+ and climbing

  • Still referring to the completed shawl for pattern guidance, but getting a hang of this. I think this is coming along just fine.

Day 2 and 3:

  • Great progress!

  • More or less repeating the pattern established, so progress is pretty fast.

  • I am reverse-engineering this, I am making it up as I go, so I don't procrastinate over should it be 8 chain or 9 chain. I am going with it "feels" right.

Day 4-7:

  • Running out of the Chroma yarn (second ball)! Changed up the pattern to allow for fringe.

Dark Green border transition to Fringe

  • Alternate border with black or darker green. Settled on 100% merino wool (Heathered lace weight) called "Shadow - Forest Heather" (knitpicks). Single strand would be too starkly different, so used double strand to get a just a good depth to allow for the leaves and fringe to pop. Adds a neat dimension


  • Fringe used the left over Chroma, and added Brava Worsted Yarn - Peapod and Alfaalfa (left over from previous project)

Day 8-9:

  • Blocked! Took couple of days to get it completely dry.

Day 10:

  • Sun-kissed Leaves sun-bathing, making a spotlight debut under bright sunny skies.