The " Ashley "

"How fast can you make a baby blanket? - Preeti D.

The first thing that should have popped in my head is - "What size? When you really need it by? What pattern? What yarn? Boy or Girl? What color?

What actually popped in my head - "What an awesome challenge?" "How fast can I make one?". Answer - Depends!! (duh! on the above questions.) After considerable number of deep breaths, excitedly I called back, "please elaborate more! "

The Guidance: Its for a baby girl, between blanket/shawl and crib size, fast delivery (1 week tops) and don't make it all pink!

SnipsOfYarn designers get to choose knit / crochet, yarn, and pattern. Wow!

The Design: After an hour of hunting around, I settle of primary stitches - Waffle crochet! I might as well do what has been languishing on my wish list. I dream of a three level borders. I dream of pink... not the fluorescent... but something light pastel, peachy pink, but not too peachy and definitely not too pinky.

"We needed to give a personalized gift to a close friend's new granddaughter. Our friend was a first time grandma. We were debating on whether to order a personalized blanket or to commission one that was hand-made. Time was of importance. When Kirti said she could get us the blanket within our time frame, we were all set. I wanted a pink one, but not all pink, and suggested some white yarn to be added. Something soft and cuddly. Something that the baby can use for a long time (size). We gave Kirti the choice to pick the design that would work within the time frame. And lo behold! the most beautiful baby blanket! I wanted to wrap myself in it."- Preeti & Anirban D.

The Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (Pink and White). Interestingly, thank you Bernat for making this yarn, in different light this yarn looks light pastel pink or light peach! Just what I wanted it to be.
The Hook: 5 mm (US 8). The yarn recommends 4 mm, but the swatch is too tight, and I wanted this blanket to be airy, and lusciously soft.

Day 0: Rough sketch of design complete - Waffle + Rib (white and pink), modified Rib and hmmm! more Rib. Design detailed, yarn quantity calculated (I think I will get a tad more just because I won't have time to re-order and dislike getting different dye-lots. Besides my house might as well be filled with more yarn!), yarn order placed, pick up on Day 1.

Progress posted on SnipsOfYarn_kcoolkit. and a video on SnipsOfYarn_kcoolkit-IGTV

Day 1: Pink Waffles (1.5 balls)

Waffle Stitch swatch and gauge.

Hook size: 4mm - recommended hook - not so great. 5mm - hook - wow! awesome

We are on a roll! Let's go waffles!

Day 2: Pink Waffles center (4 balls)

Waffle Stitch is so incredibly fast!
And see what I mean... Day 1 under craft lamp (peachy), and Day 2 sunlight (pink)!

Day 3: Border 1

Border 1 with ribbing done with a alternate pink and white! Yippee!

Day 3.5: derailed!!!

Border 2: DERAILED!! Golly! Gosh! Ugh! Crikey! Goblins! After all those strong feelings, I found the mistakes (missed a row entirely, counting was off, and that was 4 rows down!) and frogged down.

Day 4: Border 2

Corrections in place! Whew! Back on target, second border done.

Day 5: Border 3 and Edge

Repeated the border 1 to tie in and create a continuity drawing the eye from the waffle to the border 1 and 2 and bringing it back.