Welcome to the Gallery!
A small showcase of the diversity of crafts completed over the years.
I will be adding to these as I get my photographer's time! Meanwhile, enjoy each crafting deck.
Knitting & Crocheting Projects

More Crafts! These are all a labor of love, taking hours on end to complete. The joy in making them is incomparable. Many of these projects are commissioned. Visit our growing gallery of commissioned work.

Embroidery will always hold a very special place in my heart. A few bits of colored threads on pointed needles and infinite designs. What else can a crafter want? Some of our works...

Diamond Painting
Painting with Diamonds?! Similar to cross-stitch, but instead of Aida cloth, diamond painting uses a printed canvas, and instead of threads and a needle, it is created with thousands of small faceted acrylic bits. Colorful and brilliant bits are stuck on the color-coded canvas to complete the design. Some of our works...

Usually only a project and time would have me setting up the sewing machine! Now the sewing machine is permanently open for sewing projects!

Nothing like the cheerful hum of the sewing machine to make useful, and decorative custom solutions for home!

We do simple and fitted curtains, throw pillow covers, aprons, table covers, and more. I love imagining the end product, measuring (often re-measuring), and cutting to make some good useful sewing projects come to life.