The " Woodsy "

"Can you make another baby blanket?" - Preeti D.

Of Course!, it would be a pleasure to make another baby blanket! I am overjoyed to welcome a returning customer. Previously we designed an delivered a one-of-a-kind crocheted baby blanket called The "Ashley".

The Guidance: Its for a baby - gender unknown, between blanket/shawl and crib size similar to Ashley. Colors? browns, greens no grays, blues, pinks etc. More of a woodsy feels.

The Name: Woodsy.... we don't know the possible name of the baby.

The Design: Searched online for different baby patterns, and wanted something completely different from what we have done before. This is deeply fulfilling for us to find patterns, yarns to match and have the client be excited about the options.

The Inspiration & Vision: Mini-bean crochet stitch in bands of wood-brown shades, with either mini-bean or fpdc/bpdc alternate stitch border. Landed up all mini-bean all the time.

The Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (Little Mouse, Little Mouse Marl, White and potentially a dash of deep Brown)). Interestingly, thank you Bernat for making this yarn it is super soft and just lends itself to crochet or knit.
The Hook: 5 mm (US 8). The yarn recommends 4 mm, but the swatch is too tight, and I wanted this blanket to be airy, and lusciously soft.

Day 0: Rough sketch of the alternating little mouse and little mouse marl in bands of several rows of mini-beans. I am tempted to splash in a few punctuating rows of white. To cap it full border with white, little mouse marl, little mouse and finally cap with white.

Mini beans

The Stitch: (left) Mini bean stitch is the main stitch for entire blanket.

The Pattern: (right) Bands of little mouse, with little mouse marl and punctuated with white. This is starting to look like woodsy in the winter.

Mini-bean banding


The Edging: (Left) I might have calculated it incorrectly, I wanted the center to be 34 inches wide and 40 inches length, but it landed up being 30 inches wide and 42 inches length to accommodate the pattern. 🤷‍♀️, so an edging!

The Border: (right) Thought of different kinds of border, but nothing fits the bill, except mini-beans. So, for the first time the border in which each row around calls for reversing the direction.