The "Blue Dahlia"

The Blue Dahlia

I absolutely adored "New Vintage Lace" (Knits inspired by the past) by Andrea Jurgrau. I am sure I will be knitting up a few more of these gems.

This one is a small shawlette, just right for something over the shoulders that makes a statement "look at me", without taking over like other larger 60+ inch shawls.

In the beginning there was a lonely yarn ball and a sad unworked 4.5 mm circular needle! A few days later - presto! A shawlette.

While quite a representation of the Dahlia flower, it feels more like a summer evening by the beach shawlette.

The Plan.... and then..... a new Plan

Initially, I planned on using 100% mulberry silk in pastel blue. But a little swatch later, I disliked the way it was turning out, so changed to using Rowan Kidsilk spray in shades of blue. I hope it was a good move.

Also, using 4.5 mm needles for a reasonably lacy look and Miyuki beads for some sizzle. Time will tell if this was a good move.

In the beginning there was a lonely yarn ball and a sad unworked 4.5 mm circular needle!

The Design breakdown

This is a charted design pattern over 4 design sections.

Starting with 3 stitches cast on . Borders are knitted as each row adds on stitches and grows beyond a semicircle. This is a great shawlette to practice chart reading and attention to the same - as pretty much each row has different set of stitches.

Additionally, this has beads added on with crochet / sewing needle-thread. I choose Miyuki beads - clear-whites with translucence and iridescence.

Progress is pretty fast! Total number of rows = 82 (although I might add a bit depending on the size and use of beads)

Day 1: Row 1 -11
Day 2: Row 12-18
Day 3: Row 19-24
Day 4: Row 25-32
Day 5: Row 33-42 (added beads)
Day 6: No progress
Day 7: Row 43-57

Adding some subtle sizzle with Miyuki beads!
Chart 1 of 4 sections done and chart 2 almost done.

As the rows get knitted the number of stitches keep increasing. This is not a half-circle shawlette, but it is close to three-quarters of the circle. Another interesting aspect of this pattern is no two rows are the same. Forget about memorizing the pattern because it won't be needed again in this design. This is the fun, and exciting adventure, it comes with moments of smooth sailings (15 purls with 1 purl back repeated is fast knitted row) and then turbulent waters (dropped stitch, off by 1 corrections).

Progress is on a good clip. Took the weekend off, with 10 more rows to go (after day 12).

Day 8: Row 58 - 60
Day 9: Row 61 - 64
Day 10: Row 65 - 67
Day 11: Row 68
Day 12: Row 69 - 72
Day 13:
No progress - Off on the weekend
14: No progress - Off on the weekend

Starting to look very pretty!
10 more rows for this flower to make its debut.

As the rows get knitted the number of stitches keep increasing. Not just that, the pattern does not repeat at any row, so as the number of stitches got to several hundred, the progress per row slowed down.

Day 15: Row 73 - 74
16: No progress - off - Long day with classes and clients
Day 1
7: Row 75 - 79
Day 1
8: Row 80 - 82 - DONE
Day 1
9: Bind off with crochet chain edging
20: No progress
21: Blocking and Posting

Starting to look very pretty!

The tufts of blue haze making sense after blocking. Lovely 3/4 circle shawlette.